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Why You Should Be Thinking About Your Retirement Plan Now

Planning for retirement early is essential. No one wants to wake up on their first day of retirement worrying about money. Unfortunately, statistics show that many Australians outlive their superannuation savings by at least 11 years and may need to rely solely on the age pension.

By taking proactive steps today, you can significantly enhance your retirement readiness. Take charge of your financial future and enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have laid a solid foundation for the years ahead.

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Future Wealth Advisory – Your Retirement Planning Specialists

For a long time, our clients have sought additional retirement planning and financial advice. To fulfill this growing need, Future Assist partnered with Future Wealth Advisory in 2024.

Future Wealth Advisory, led by Senior Financial Adviser Jonathan Kermode, brings extensive experience and a personal touch to retirement planning. Since 1998, Jonathan has worked with one of Australia’s largest private banks and various successful financial advisory firms, shaping Future Wealth Advisory into a premier service for personalized retirement and financial advice.

Like Future Assist, Future Wealth Advisory prides itself on delivering exceptional service and building lasting relationships based on trust. Together, we are committed to helping you achieve your financial goals and ensuring a comfortable, worry-free retirement.


At what age can I retire?

The age you can retire depends on your financial situation and personal goals. Our advisers can help you determine the best age for you to retire based on your individual circumstances.

How much super and assets will I need?

This varies from person to person. We will help you map out a strategy tailored to your goals and lifestyle needs.

Will I be self-funded or part-funded?

We can help you explore both options and determine which is best suited to your financial situation.

How can I boost my superannuation?

There are various strategies to boost your super, including additional contributions, tax breaks, and investment options. Our advisers will guide you through the best methods.

What if I have existing debt?

Part of your retirement strategy will be around paying off any debt such as your mortgage as soon as possible. We will help you create a plan to enter retirement without financial burdens.

How do I ensure my money lasts in retirement?

We focus on creating a diversified investment plan and managing your assets to provide a steady income stream, minimizing the risk of running out of money.

What are the benefits of keeping money in super after retirement?

Keeping money in super can offer tax advantages and investment opportunities that can help grow your retirement savings. We will help you understand the benefits and impacts of different strategies.

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Thank you so much!

Today I had an initial appointment and I have to say, the service I received was outstanding. I was able to understand what they do and how they may be able to assist me to achieve my own personal goals. I have never felt so sure of trusting someone in this field as I do now.


Couldn’t be happier.

After watching our superannuation stagnate for years and realising that we were not going to attain our retirement goal, we reached out. The communication has been exceptional, and their recommendations are always spot-on. We are in the process of purchasing our fourth investment property and couldn’t be happier. 


The Right Move

Open communication is done very well, and we always feel they are there to help us achieve our goal of building wealth for retirement. They have always worked around us and adapted to our busy schedule whilst still focusing on us with a professional attitude. We feel confident choosing Future Assist to guide us was the right move.