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Our team of experts encompass Wealth Strategists, Accountants, Finance Specialists, Tax agents and Lawyers. Our integrated approach has helped many of our our clients grow their money, achieve better financial lives and earned us over 800 five-star reviews.

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Wealth & Property

Wealth Strategies

Having worked with thousands of clients, we have proven that everyday Australians have the opportunity to successfully create wealth. Let our team of experts build a strategy to grow your wealth, invest with confidence and accelerate your financial future without compromising your lifestyle. Our team include specialists in Wealth, Accounting, Tax, Finance, Property and Law.

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Property Investment Advice

We specialise in finding property investments that are designed to grow our clients portfolios, take advantage of tax incentives and generate income to pay for themselves. With thousands of clients Australia wide, we have a proven track record of building & growing multi-property portfolios for our clients.

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Tax Minimisation

You have the right to organise your finances in a way that minimises your tax. This is often referred to as tax planning or tax effective investing. We have a team of accountants and tax specialists who create strategies around this for you, ensuring it aligns with your personal goals, wealth strategy and the law.

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Lending Services

Investment Loans

With a wide range of investment loans we can facilitate the loan process from beginning to settlement. Our team will not only look to find your best rate but will work with you to optimise the structure of your loan by taking into consideration your goals, cashflow, other debts and the ownership entity.

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Home Loans

Become a client of Future Assist and get exclusive access to our low rate ASAP loan. We also have access to over 20 specialist lenders with some of Australia’s lowest interest rates. Our loans are tailored to your personal and investment goals and are facilitated by our accredited Mortgage Lenders to make the process simple and hassle free.

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SMSF Loans

Our team are SMSF Loan Specialists and a provider of both new and refinancing SMSF loans for residential investment property. With exclusive access to the ASAP SMSF Loan we challenge you to provide a better rate on market…in fact we believe it’s the best SMSF loan product Australia wide.

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Refinancing & Consolidation Loans

Paying off more than one debt at a time is not uncommon. Whether you’re looking to reduce the costs of borrowing, or simplify your finances, debt onsolidation may well be worth considering. Debt consolidation is bringing all your existing debts together into one simplified structure which could help you manage your repayments, save on interest and put more in your pocket.

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Accounting Services

SMSF Administration

Running an SMSF can be overwhelming, time consuming and expensive. Our unique service which incorporates mail-house and bill payment facilities allows Trustees to focus on their investments rather than paperwork and tedious operational aspects of their SMSF. Backed by industry leading qualifications including CPA, SMSF Specialists and SMSF Auditor credentials our team save our clients an average of 80hrs every year!

Accounting for Investors & Small Business

We offer our accounting and tax consulting services for individual investors and small businesses owners. Come in and meet our team, or use our technology services to access us from the comfort of your own home or place of business. Our team consist of highly qualified accountants, small business specialists specialists and registered tax agents.

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Estate Planning & Wills

Poorly written wills can cost you up to 33% of the value of your estate at death. In addition to the dramatic increase in contested estates your family could find themselves in tax and legal disputes during a time when they are most vulnerable. Our estate planning service provided by Fidelis Legal can give you clarity and help you protect both your assets and your loved ones.

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Estate Distribution (Probate)

Probate is the process your loved ones will need to go through when dealing with the estate of someone who has died. Our legal team can expertly navigate the Probate process on your executors behalf, making sure everything complies with all legal obligations and settled within a timely manner. All the while looking after and supporting your loved ones every step of the way.

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Family Trusts

Family trusts could provide benefits related to taxation, asset protection and estate planning and are generally considered the next most popular investment vehicle in Australia after superannuation. Family trusts can provide many advantages but when done poorly can create unnecessary risk and expense.

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We have helped our clients settle thousands of properties Australia wide and can assist with all aspect of property conveyancing, so whether you’re buying, selling, subdividing or transferring title, our team of experienced solicitors can help.

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