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We have helped thousands of Australians from all walks of life through tailored advice to plan for a better financial future, grow their investments, boost their super and build wealth for retirement.
As a client of Future Assist you will benefit from a suite of options help you stay motivated and stay supported as we track towards your goals.

Who We Are

Future Assist have helped thousands of Australians grow and maintain their wealth with tailored, professional advice.

We believe that with the right people on your side, anyone can be financially liberated. That’s why our focus is providing a quality service that is affordable and accessible.

Our people, process and tools have a proven track record of helping our clients grow their money, identify smart investments and achieve better financial lives.

  • Grow personal wealth

    Grow personal wealth

  • Investment strategies

    Investment strategies

  • Tax minimisation

    Tax minimisation

  • Boost your Super

    Boost your Super

  • Minimise bad debt

    Minimise bad debt

  • Insurance and asset protection

    Insurance and asset protection

  • Retirement planning

    Retirement planning

What We Do

Through a unique process that’s designed to keep you motivated and supported, our team of qualified professionals work with you to develop a clear roadmap to reach your goals.
Each wealth creation strategy we develop is reviewed by our panel of experts and looks beyond basic financial planning to seamlessly integrate specialists in accounting & taxation, risk, equities, superannuation, finance and property with the goal of maximising your financial potential and bringing your goals to life sooner.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality, tailored and professional financial advice to people from all walks of life, not just to those who have already achieved wealth. We consider service to be a priority and make a conscious effort to continue improving our service with every client we onboard.

  • Ben McTomlinson
    Head of Future Assist Accountants
  • Sean McNeill
    Head of Advice
  • Keith Bensley
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Lauren Samsely
    Risk and Insurance Specialist
  • Yulia Vrany
    Client Services Manager
  • Simone Carkeek
    Finance Team Leader
  • Zarah Pihl
    Property Administration Manager
  • Ryan Epa
    Head Of Wealth Administration

Our Team

The Future Assist panel of experts cover a broad range of industry expertise including accounting, investments, superannuation & SMSF, shares and property, tax, finance and compliance. Our Client Experience Managers work directly with our clients and our panel of experts to make sure our clients are fully equipped with everything they need, without the hassle of chasing individuals and provide weekly feedback to our experts so that our team can continue to improve.

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What our clients have to say

Great work Future Assist

Jamie did really well in the review, we are hard to get a hold of but our client manager was persistent in a good way to make sure we are kept in the loop. Yulia was a wealth of information and was able to answer all our questions. We have been with the company for 6 years, Keep up the good work!

Clint C

Fantastic service

I am so glad I have stumbled on to Future Assist, as they have put me on the right path with my finance. I would highly recommend them to anyone planning their future as these guys are highly knowledgeable . Personally I would like to thank Helen who has worked extremely hard to get me a home loan with a great interest rate, she has been a life saver

Jerry Cohen

Responsive and professional

John has been very productive in sending emails and getting back to us promptly and diligently, we are well informed so we feel there’s nothing John or the company can improve on. They offer great services & tool’s which always helps us understand other ways of saving money.

Christian P

Great service and assistance with all of my requirements

My experience with Future Assist has been excellent, they offer a great service year in year out. I met with Candy recently and she has provided great support and has a lot of attention to the finer details, I'm glad to have dealt with her.
Thanks Simon

Simon J

Time to retire

thoroughly enjoyed working with Candy, she covered everything I needed to know & provided a great review. She has been very patient which means a lot when unforeseen circumstances arise (which in my case unexpectedly did)

Grant S

Great support

I have been with the company for 5 years, I feel well informed & happy with the service I receive from each service manager or adviser, for a busy person they sure do make it a lot easier to keep on top of your finances. Great work Aman!