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We specialise in finding property investments that are designed to pay for themselves. We have a proven track record of building & growing multi-property portfolios for our clients. Our investment strategies are tailor-made for you ‘right now’, allowing you to invest, minimise tax and build your wealth, without altering your lifestyle.

Wholesale Finance Included

By choosing Future Assist, you receive instant access to exclusive, flexible, wholesale finance. Did you know the average interest paid on a 25-year mortgage in Australia exceeds $275,000? At Future Assist, you also get personal access to a ‘Wealth Strategist’. They typically reveal industry insights such as; how to reduce out-of-pocket expenses and pay less to the bank, but additionally design customised plans on how to grow your wealth faster.

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Build A Multi-Property Portfolio

We offer a proven, streamlined process that finds the right property for your circumstance, gets you approved finance, minimises your tax and grows your portfolio.

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The Key To Growth

74% of Australian investors only ever own one property. You can do better. In fact, identifying the right strategy and selecting the right property is key to success.. Our Wealth Strategist works with you to establish clear criteria for the ideal investment property, based on your current financial situation. Full cash-flow forecasting is also provided and reveals how you will grow your property portfolio, save on tax and produce a passive income.

Investment Committee

Our Investment Committee conducts extensive research for our clients using leading industry software, property databases and analytical tools. They hand-pick the best investment property choices, that meet the very specific criteria identified by the Wealth Strategist.

Design Your Tax Strategy

Tax-minimising strategies are widely used by our clients, they are legal and can make a significant difference to your overall wealth. Australia's average tax bill is about $750,000 over a lifetime. Take control today and let us show you how to put your tax dollars to work.

Australian Income Tax Rates
Income ThresholdsRateTax Payable on This Income
$18,201 - $37,00019%19c for each $1 over $18,200
$37,001 - $90,00032.5%$3,572 plus 32.5% of amounts over $37,000
$90,001 - $180,00037%$20,797 plus 37% of amounts over $90,000
$180,000 and over45%$54,096 plys 45% of amounts over $180,000

Information From Trusted Experts

Our leaders are unlike other property advisers because we offer a holistic approach to your investment strategy. Future Assist is led by specialists with certified backgrounds in:

  • Property Research & Investing
  • Financial Advisory & Wealth Management
  • Taxation & Accounting
  • Wills, Estate Planning & Law

Tangible Support

Our commitment to you doesn’t stop at the settlement of your property. We have assisted over 65% of our clients invest in multiple properties, growing their wealth faster and helping them achieve their goals sooner. And we back our advice by providing our clients with extensive options for reviews, education and ongoing support to continue building their portfolios.

Keith Bensley

Accountant & Tax Specialist

Darren Naicker

Property Portfolio Specialist

Simone Carkeek

Finance & Lending Specialist

Zarah Pihl

Research Specialist

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Supercharge Your Retirement

Years Saved vs. Life Expectancy

While Australia has a good retirement scheme in place, most people will still outlive their superannuation balances by a decade. Australian women face a larger super gap than men outliving their superannuation savings by 12.6 years, while men are expected to outlive savings by 9.9 years. Superannuation by itself is not enough. Our Wealth Strategist will build a personal wealth and property plan to fortify your strong, happy retirement.

Property Investing Commonly Asked Questions

Who should I go to for smart property investment advice?

If property is an asset class you would like to invest in then speaking with an experienced financial advisor can help you see the big picture. A financial advisor can help you crunch the numbers and identify optimal strategy to meet your goals. Considerations include the ownership structure, cash-flow, depreciation, loan structures, tax implications, growth, reinvestment opportunities and what your exit strategy can look like. Armed with this information you will be able to identify the right property, avoiding emotionally driven decisions and other costly mistakes.

What are depreciation schedules?

A depreciation schedule is a report that lists the depreciable assets related to owning an investment property. Generally, it gives you and your adviser an idea as to how much tax you can claim when in your tax return. It covers plant and equipment depreciation, which are assets associated with your investment property that have a finite lifetime such as carpets, lighting, etc. It also covers capital works depreciation, which are aspects of more permanent improvements and alterations to your investment property.

How can I minimise my taxes through investing?

Tax is a complex issue however no investor should invest purely for tax purposes. Tax implications will be explored with your advisor and will include: ownership entities such as family trusts; salary sacrificing; superannuation contributions; the management of capital gains; depreciation; how insurances are paid; loan structures and more.