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  • New Wills
  • Updating Wills
  • Advice for life changes
  • Challenging and contesting Wills
  • Legal Advice for Estate Planning

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What is Estate Planning?

Estate planning is the process of predicting and arranging the management and disposal of that person’s estate with an aim to minimise tax. Preparing a will gives a clear guide of how you want your assets distributed. Preparing your Will and other estate planning documents poorly can have expensive consequences for your family and loved ones.

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How we can help

Without a valid Will, the distribution of your assets will be according to the rules of intestacy – not according to your wishes.

  • Making new Wills
  • Changing or updating existing Wills.
  • Amending Wills in events of divorce or other significant changes in your life
  • Advice for defacto relationships
  • Advice for new relationships and mixed families
  • Preparing Powers of Attorney
  • Preparing Enduring Powers of Attorney
  • Administration of a deceased estate, including superannuation and death benefits, and Will disputes (see more on our Probate page)

Avoiding Common Pitfalls

All Wills are not the same. We will ask lots of questions and check information you have given us so that you can be sure your anticipated beneficiaries receive your estate. Simple small nasty mistakes such as not holding your family home in the correct tenancy or leaving your Super to an adult child have huge tax implications on your estate. Contact our team for a copy of our Estate Planning Guide.

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