Shane | Burleigh QLD

Where Shane started:
  • Shane came to us as a client in 2012
  • He had a home with a mortgage, he wanted to pay off quickly
  • Looking to invest safely, grow assets with the aim of reaching an early and comfortable retirement

I was 49 when I contacted Future Assist as I felt I was making decent money but wasn’t really making the most of it. I worked a physical job in the mines and knew I couldn’t keep up this type of work for the next twenty years. I had a mortgage on a house I needed to pay down before retiring. My goal was to get into investing and find a way that I could retire sooner.

I felt like I progressed fast, and I loved seeing it all with constant communication. I was able to buy investment properties in 2011, 2013, 2014 and again in 2016.

Today, I have my 4 investment properties, my home, a growing share portfolio and savings account. I honestly think that if I would have come to Future Assist 5 year earlier, I would have retired by now.


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