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Boost Your Super

A good retirement plan requires more than just looking at your super account slowly accumulate those compulsory contributions. We will explore ways to make the most out of your super fund, use those tax breaks to your advantage and watch the amount increase at a faster rate.

Grow Your Wealth

It’s not all about super! Our team of advisers will look at all avenues to grow your wealth heading into retirement. We can strategise ways to pay down debt faster, improve your cash flow, build your assets and grow your personal wealth.

Get Clarity Around Your Retirement

At what age can you retire? How much super and assets will you need? You you be self funded or part funded? With so many questions and variables around retirement, knowing where to start can be very overwhelming. We can sit down and go through all your questions before mappings out your tailored strategy so you have clarity moving forward.

Structuring Your Assets

The way your assets and investments are structured can make a big difference to the end result.  Our advisers will work with you identify the most beneficial ownership entities and finance structures to maximise your income, minimise your tax obligations and make your retirement income last longer.

Becoming Debt Free

Part of your retirement strategy will be around paying off any debt such as your mortgage as soon as possible. Entering into retirement without having debt hanging over your head will mean you can enjoy a comfortable, stress free lifestyle.

Planning For Retirement

Everyone’s retirement goals are different. You may want to retire at 40… or you might love working and plan to keep going until you’re 70, but want to know you’ll be very comfortable by that stage of your life. Of course this all depends on your financial situation and the choices you make well before the time to retire is upon you. Have a plan tailored to you that will help you move towards the retirement you dream of.


How Much Do I Need To Retire?

Retirement Income at 65 Years Old

$24, 270$34,911$43,695$60,063


Generating Income After Retirement

It goes without saying that when you retire, you need passive income to live off. According to your personal situation, you may want to look at additional income sources to combine with your existing assets. This can be the difference between a modest retirement and a comfortable one. We ensure that your strategy takes into consideration your lifestyle goals, and the impact one income stream can have on the other. Essentially, we look at all facets and make them work for you in the best way possible.

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Commonly Asked Retirement Planning Questions

How much money will I need to retire?

It depends on each person’s individual circumstances as to how much you will need to retire. A comfortable retirement would be $60,000 p.a. for a couple who already own their home, but it depends on what your lifestyle is.

Superannuation is rarely sufficient to fund retirement on its own. Its recommended that one has investments or assets in their name as well as their super. If you have sufficient assets, you won’t have access to the pension. For some Australians, the pension makes part of that income.

Retirement will be quite hard. Options you have are downsizing, or utilising your superannuation to pay off your house, or selling assets you have to pay it off. You would unfortunately rely more on the pension in this circumstance. A financial planner would be beneficial to help avoid this.

You’re able to access it at preservation age, which is between 55-57, depending when you were born. Most people continue to work, it does have tax implications if you touch it before you’re 60.

As long as you are legally retired, you can take your superannuation out tax-free after the age of 60.

The best way would be to seek financial planning by talking to an adviser. Every situation is different, which is why financial advice is vital, especially to help create a plan to utilise your assets as best as possible

The answer varies between different people and their circumstances. You can retire whenever you have enough money to retire.

There is no age limit for when you should start planning for retirement. Realistically, you should start as soon as possible, as soon as you’re earning income. It is never too late to start planning either, there is always something you can do to help boost your super.

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