Mark & Vicki | Huntingdale WA

Where we started
  • Mark and Vicki came to Future Assist in their mid-50's with good income, but no savings and a solid mortgage
  • They wanted to put a strategy in place to pay off their home, travel to see their kids overseas, and set themselves up for retirement

Within 6 years, Mark and Vicki have completely paid off two investment properties and have their own home and two other investment properties. They also now have $25,000 in cash savings and share investments.


We came to Future Assist about 6 years ago. Vicki and I had a pretty good income, but we just weren’t saving money, and we weren’t paying down our mortgage as fast as we wanted too. We didn’t know what we were doing wrong, but we had so many financial goals that we knew we couldn’t achieve on our own, especially at this rate. We were in our mid-50’s, looking forward to retiring, we wanted to renovate, and travel overseas to see our children.

When we met with Future Assist, we knew we wanted to invest, but we had no idea where to start. Not too long after our first meeting, we had an in-depth plan in place to get us where we wanted to be.

Within the first 12 months of being with Future Assist, we had bought three investment properties. Not too long after, we decided we wanted to move back to our home-state, so we moved, bought a new home, and made our old home another investment property, growing our property portfolio even more.

Fast forward to now, Vicki has all but retired, we’ve completely paid off two investment properties, we have $25,000 of cash savings, and some share investments making us money in the background.


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