Laura and Duane | Newcastle NSW

When Laura and Duane started:
  • Laura and Duane became clients in 2012
  • Looking to explore tax effective investing
  • Parents of three young kids they wanted to find a way to establish funds for their childrens education
  • Wanted to ensure they were debt free and could own their home before retirement

We came to Future Assist in our early 40’s when our kids were young. We wanted to invest in more properties and reduce our tax. We already had a home and an investment property, but we were lost as what to do next.

Future Assist really listened to us and understood our priorities early on. We bought 3 more investment priorities with Future Assist, and we got to set up an education fund for our kids.

Today, we’ve paid off our home, we have 3 investment properties in our personal name, (two of which are debt free) and two other investment properties. We’re still able to regularly save to our kids’ education fund, and we’re now salary sacrificing to our super to let ourselves up for retirement.


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