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Investing with family

Our team can help consolidate and combine your super with a spouse or up to 3 other members to make investments including property investments.

Choice of finance

With access to over 30 retail and wholesale lenders Future Assist can help you find the right loan at a great rate for your investment SMSF property.

Tax minimisation

Your Adviser will work with you to identify various investment strategies to help grow your investment portfolio, maximise government incentives and legitimately minimise your tax.

Why investors choose Future Assist

For many Australians investing their super beyond shares is highly desirable.  We have helped thousands of Australians diversify their investments through property.  So whether you would like to understand your options, build a investment strategy or grow an existing property portfolio our experienced team of advisers are here to help.

Clarity & simplicity

Because our teams take care of all the paperwork, administration, roll-overs and applications, the process of investing in property with your super couldn’t be more simple.  The team also specialise in providing clarity around investment choices ensuring the best outcome for you.

Getting the best out of your investment

Future Assist work with you to identify and implement a variety of investment strategies to maximise government incentives, legally minimise your tax and ultimately grow your investment portfolio.


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SMSF Property: Common Questions

Can superannuation be used to buy investment property?

Yes. Under Australian Superannuation laws, property can be purchased through a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (otherwise known as a SMSF). Through a SMSF, you will have control over how your superannuation is invested which includes the ability to purchase property.

This is a common question and there is no definitive answer. There are many variables such as the property type, year until retirement, your goals, contributions and much more. There are many options and we will do our best to provide you with the right information and options for your unique situation. Call and have free chat with one of our Advisors today to see what options could be available for you.

Yes, this is common practice and Future Assist Home Loans are accredited SMSF Lending Specialists. This type of loan is called a ‘Limited Recourse Loan’ and the application process is more complex than a standard mortgage lending. Our Advisors can help you understand and navigate this process as well as find you the right loan and prepare all paperwork.

Property can be purchased through a SMSF through a variety of different ways. If you have enough money within your super fund to purchase a property outright, the transaction is similar to buying property personally. On the other hand, if you are hoping to borrow money towards a property, there are specific rules and processes involved. Future Assist can assist you with this process.

Much like regular property investment, there are the usual costs involved with purchasing property. All these costs are paid by the super fund. A SMSF Advisor can help you assess the potential costs before deciding to invest in property through your SMSF.

No. For the most part, you or any fund members or related parties (including friends) are not allowed to live in or rent any property bought through your superannuation. That being said, if the property is a Commercial Real Estate such as a factory or office, it can be leased to a business you own (at market rates). In cases like these, advice from a SMSF Specialist Advisor such as Future Assist is always recommended.

Renovations can be made to a property owned through a superannuation fund, however they may be limited depending on the property ownership. If your SMSF owns the property outright, you are allowed to renovate or improve the property, however, if your SMSF has borrowed towards the property, you are only able to make renovations that will not change the character of the property.

No. Fund members, and related parties, are not allowed to live or rent property bought through your superannuation fund.

Yes. Your Advisor will help you obtain a Depreciation Schedule. This report gives you and your Advisor an idea as to how much tax you can claim when in your SMSF tax return. It covers plant and equipment depreciation, which are assets associated with your investment property that have a finite lifetime such as carpets, lighting, etc. It also covers capital works depreciation, which are aspects of more permanent improvements and alterations to your investment property.

Yes. Negative gearing is possible through an SMSF, much like regular property investment. Therefore, you will be able to offset tax within your fund and benefit from the capital gains on the property in the future. Despite this, it’s important to understand that since it is an SMSF property investment, the deductions will be claimed by the fund and not in your personal name.

Yes. When it comes to property investment through your SMSF, professional advice can go a long way in ensuring that your in-fund profit is maximised and your superannuation fund is safe. A Financial Advisor can help you identify a selection criteria to help maximise your return as well as provide support to navigate the many unique superannuation laws and paperwork surrounding property investing.

Yes, however you will need to transfer it from your superannuation fund to your personal name. Depending on the laws of your state, you will also have to pay any state duties involved with the transfer. There is much to consider when transferring a property out of your SMSF and speaking with an Advisor is highly recommended.

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