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We have helped over 2000 investors buy with confidence and achieve their financial goals through property. Get easy-to-understand insights into Australia’s growth suburbs, including strategies used by professional investors such as, how to pay less tax and own your home sooner.

Find Australia’s Emerging Hotspots

Looking to invest in 2022?  Our experts will guide you through the process identifying your criteria and then making it work for you to uncover hotspot areas tailored to your investing & wealth creation goals.

Strongest Rental Incomes

Population growth and infrastructure are the two big indicators when identifying high demand rental areas. This report features both the employment rates, household income and affordability of suburbs that will deliver solid rental returns, and that are in high demand for renters.

Property That Pays For Itself

Despite what real estate agents try to tell you, cash-flow positive property is relative to YOUR income and requires proper tax forecasting before the right property can be identified. In this report you will learn the criteria for identifying the right property for your strategy in relation the newest tax laws.

New Tax Strategies

How can you pay off your mortgage faster through investment property? In the report we show you the strategies for gearing, loan structures, tax, inflows and depreciation and how these steps have helped thousands of Australians own their homes sooner.

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Our leaders are unlike other property advisers because we offer a holistic approach to your investment strategy. Future Assist is led by specialists with certified backgrounds in:

  • Property Research & Investing
  • Financial Advisory & Wealth Management
  • Taxation & Accounting
  • Wills, Estate Planning & Law

When You Thrive, We Win

Our commitment to you doesn’t stop at the settlement of your property. We have assisted over 65% of our clients invest in multiple properties, growing their wealth faster and helping them achieve their goals sooner. And we back our advice by providing our clients with extensive options for reviews, education and ongoing support to continue building their portfolios.

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Everybody knows property is a proven way to grow wealth. However, with the right team of specialists you could achieve your goals even faster. That’s why every new investor at Future Assist receives a free 90-minute consultation with an experienced wealth strategist. During this session you will learn what your financial potential is, the various approaches to achieve your goals and how quickly you can get started.

With every service you’ll ever need under one roof, we’ve streamlined the entire process and made property investment easy, enjoyable and rewarding.

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