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Future Assist’s process when it comes to property investment advice is based on “non-emotional fundamentals” with a focus on strong areas with growth potential and high yields.

All investments are reviewed by our investment committee and approved based on a strict ten point criteria. Our Property Team will work with you to identify the right property criteria for your strategy supported by in-depth research, backed by independent valuations.


Our advisors will work with you to consider income, cash-flow, capital growth, depreciation and tax implications in light of your goals.

Our commitment to you doesn’t stop at the settlement of your property. We back our advice by providing our clients with proactive reviews, education and ongoing support to help grow your portfolio and help keep you tracking towards your goals. We also provide support with the rental process.

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Property Investing Commonly Asked Questions

Who should I go to for smart property investment advice?

If property is an asset class you would like to invest in then speaking with an experienced financial advisor can help you see the big picture. A financial advisor can help you crunch the numbers and identify optimal strategy to meet your goals. Considerations include the ownership structure, cash-flow, depreciation, loan structures, tax implications, growth, reinvestment opportunities and what your exit strategy can look like. Armed with this information you will be able to identify the right property, avoiding emotionally driven decisions and other costly mistakes.

Can I purchase a property in superannuation?

Under Australian Superannuation laws, property can be purchased through a superannuation fund, and often managed funds tend to hold property investments. Through a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund, you will be given the ability to have a direct choice in property if you choose to invest in it.

What are depreciation schedules?

A depreciation schedule is a report that lists the depreciable assets related to owning an investment property. Generally, it gives you and your adviser an idea as to how much tax you can claim when in your tax return. It covers plant and equipment depreciation, which are assets associated with your investment property that have a finite lifetime such as carpets, lighting, etc. It also covers capital works depreciation, which are aspects of more permanent improvements and alterations to your investment property.

How can I minimise my taxes through investing?

Tax is a complex issue however no investor should invest purely for tax purposes. Tax implications will be explored with your advisor and will include: ownership entities such as family trusts; salary sacrificing; superannuation contributions; the management of capital gains; depreciation; how insurances are paid; loan structures and more.

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