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Grow Your Money

Make your money work for you by creating a plan with one of our financial advisers. With so many options for growing your wealth, it can be hard to know where to start. We create tailored solutions according to your unique situation that work towards your lifestyle goals.

Minimise Your Tax

Maximise your income whilst minimising how much goes to the tax man. We can navigate government incentives so you can make the most out of them, and create a tax strategy to give you the best outcome.

Protect Your Loved Ones

We can ensure your financial strategy is structured in a way that won’t leave your loved ones at risk. Protect what’s most important to you with a smart and secure pathway.

Supercharge Your Super

We specialise in superannuation and SMSF. Whether your goal is to head into retirement comfortably, or use funds to buy a house, know that your money is working for you in the best possible way.

Plan For Retirement

Imagine retiring with the comfort of knowing you won’t have to stress about your financial situation ever again. We can create a strategy that will achieve your unique retirement goals. Have that incredible Europe trip, or support your children and grandchildren in the way you’d like to.

Minimise Your Debt

The biggest stressor for many people is their current debts. Our advisors can review your finances and identify the best way to move forward, taking that big weight off your shoulders.

You Don’t Need To Be Wealthy

We believe great financial planning advice isn’t just for those who already have considerable wealth. It’s for anyone who wants to be smart with their money and financial decisions. We offer the initial consultation free of charge so clients from all walks of like can gain a thorough understanding of what we do and how we can help you.

We have an unparalleled track record of achieving fantastic results for our clients according to their individual circumstances and goals. There is no one size fits all approach here. We take your goals and lifestyle and tailor our approach so it works for you.

What You Can Expect

We set ourselves apart with another level of client service. Whilst many firms tout the same message, we truly do structure our business around it. You will receive a Client Experience Manager who oversees the entire process for you, serves as your point of contact and ensures the experience is seamless and hassle free. You can expect end-to-end support as we create your plan and keep you on track towards your goals.


A Team Of Experts

We do things differently to other advisory firms. Your plan is vetted by a panel of experienced advisers who all assess it thoroughly and ensure they’re all 100% satisfied with the strategy before it’s then presented to you. We take your financial plan seriously – you have a team of people working towards your goals.

Clients enjoy a variety of investment options so you can make informed decisions on where you’d like to invest. You then receive regular reviews, recommendations and support whenever you need it. It’s not a set and forget situation – we stay on top of our client’s plans and keep them on track at all times.

How Do We Work

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Our team of experts will put together a strategy to help get you from A to B.

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Work towards your ideal lifestyle equipped with the tools, advice and education to get your there.

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Commonly Asked Financial Planning Questions

When is the best time to see a Financial Adviser?

There is no ‘best time’, however if you are over 30 years old then speaking with a financial Advisor can offer many benefits especially around areas related to optimising your finances, wealth building, reducing debt, growing your super, taxation and ensuring adequate strategies are in place to protect your family in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

We have worked with a wide range of people from various starting positions and occupations including: labourers, teachers, civil engineers, police officers, CEO’s, office workers, doctors, taxi drivers, trades people and many more.

We firmly believe that you shouldn’t need to be wealthy to get great financial advice. You can call an Advisor for a chat to discuss your requirements at no charge. We also offer the initial consultation at no cost (and no obligation) to allow us to get to know each other and to fully understand your needs and goals. It is also an opportunity to ensure you have all the information and time you need to better understand your options, our process and any fees involved.

Put simply, Future Assist Advisors can help you create a plan to achieve your personal and financial goals. This can be specific (scoped advice) or big picture (holistic advice). This may include budgeting and debt management, wealth building, retirement planning, superannuation and self managed funds, risk protection strategies and insurances, investments such as shares, ETFs and MDA’s, investment lending and much more. Your Advisor can also include evaluation and general advice should you want to incorporate property into your wealth creation strategy.

There are many companies that claim to provide ‘financial advice’ however they may not be licensed Financial Advisors. As such it is imperative that you ensure your Advisor is both qualified and licensed to provide advice. Future Assist holds it own Australian Financial Services License (AFSL 413674). Discussing finances can be very personal so important traits of a Financial Planner need to include sensitivity and confidentiality. Transparency should be given through their presentation of the process including any fees or commissions earned.

In basic terms, a Statement Of Advice (SOA) is your official financial plan. It will contain financial strategies tailored specifically to your needs and goals. It must also include the basis of why the financial advice was prepared, and transparently outline any commissions or fees the Financial Advisor will receive.

We like to be flexible for our clients. We understand everyone lives busy lives, so we can have meetings and give advice through a Skype call, phone call, a meeting in our office, or we can come to you and meet you at your home. We want it to be easy for you to get the right advice.

Our clients receive regular reviews, ongoing support fully included at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE to ensure your advice keeps pace with life’s challenges and help keep your investments on track.

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