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Tax Effective Investing

In this space our accountants and financial advisors put their heads together to model various investment strategies for you. We ascertain the most effective way of minimising tax legitimately, whilst growing your wealth and working towards your lifestyle goals.

Superannuation & Tax

Super can often go hand in hand with tax minimisation strategies and our team of experts can assist with various aspects of this. Maximising government contributions, concessional and non-concessional contributions, and other government incentives are all areas within our expertise.


Those with self managed super funds can expect proactive reviews from the team, tailored investment advice and ongoing support to ensure your portfolio continues to perform for you.

Insurance Structure

Personal insurances (life, income and permanent disability) are a minefield of varying offers which do effect your tax planning. We can restructure your insurances to ensure they are optimal for your situation.

Transitioning To Retirement

Depending on your retirements plans, we can tailor a strategy that minimises personal tax whilst stretching those super dollars.

Tax Planning

Tax is a three letter word that no-one enjoys hearing. Whilst it’s an obligation that all of us must meet, you have the right to organise your finances in a way that minimises your tax. This is often referred to as tax planning or tax-effective investing. We have a team of accountants and financial advisors who create strategies around this for you, ensuring it aligns with both your personal goals, and the law.

Tax Deductions

What you can and cannot deduct is often a bit of a grey area that clients need clarity around. You may be able to claim various expenses – including financial planning. The specifics of tax deductions are very much dependant on your individual situation, there is no blanket rule. To make the most of your deduction rights, get the best advice from a team of people who specialise in the area.

Tax Advice For High Income Earners

No one likes surprises from the tax office – in fact it can be a bit of a nightmare. For those with a high income, large employer super contributions or a combination of both, you may find yourself with an additional tax bill known as the Excess Contributions Tax & Division 292 Tax Assessment. If you fall into this category, you require specialised tax planning advice. Avoid those surprises next time and make your tax situation work for you.

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Tax Planning Commonly Asked Questions

How can I make sure I'm not paying too much tax?

Firstly, getting professional advice from a tax accountant or a financial adviser will go a long way in ensuring that you don’t pay more than you need to. With that in mind seek out legal strategies for reducing your overall tax burden eg. Salary sacrificing or salary packaging, and for the right people negatively geared investments.

Tax minimisation is using legal strategies to reduce your personal tax burden, such as those mentioned in the previous question. On the other hand, tax avoidance is the use of illegal strategies or the non-disclosure of income that may have been earned from cash wages.

Tax effective investing includes a variety of strategies for reducing tax on your investments. Generally, tax effective investment provides deductions relating to interest expenses, asset depreciations, or neutralising tax effective structure.

Before considering salary sacrificing towards your super, it’s important that you understand your personal financial circumstance. Remember, you won’t be accessing your super until you reach your retirement age, therefore the true benefits of salary sacrificing towards your super are better understood as long-term. Salary sacrificing can be helpful, however you shouldn’t sacrifice your lifestyle because of it.

Generally, the first professional port of call for most Australians are accountants, however an accountant won’t necessarily be able to provide sound tax advice. Therefore, it is often better to seek advice from a licensed Financial Adviser.

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